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Some information about paper mache and the durability of the masks.

I get many customers asking about the durability of my masks, and paper mache in general.
Paper mache is a long and tedious process of layering different types of paper onto the mask. After each layer is applied, it takes a day to dry before I can sand out the imperfections, and re-layer it. This process is repeated until the mask is extremely stiff and durable. Paper pulp is made from wood, so when I layer them thick enough, it's bringing them back to the strength of wood. I am eventually going to take some photos of me standing on one of my masks to prove how strong they can be. I don't suggest you stand on your masks, I am just proving how strong they can be. In medieval times, they used slave labor to make furniture out of paper mache it is so strong. The slave labor part comes to play because of the extreme long hours it took to make a piece of furniture from paper mache, but it can be done.
My masks are also felt lined on the inside for comfort.
I have yet to have a customer break or crack a mask.
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.