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Here are new designs I have been working on. 
I am working 7 days a week on masks for Halloween.
I will be updating the page frequently.
Keep checking back for new creations.

The masks on this page are all in stock and ready to ship. All are felt lined for comfort. All masks on this page are wearable.

"Buy Now" using the convenience and protection of PayPal. The "Buy Now" feature also accepts Visa/MC

The Toecutter - $200

"Buy Now" for $200 + $20 shipping
(within U.S. only)


Slipknot - in stock - $250

Slipknot - in stock - $250

The Toecutter - $200 - in stock

The Toecutter - $200 - in stock

Slipknot mask - $250

Slipknot mask
"Buy Now" for $250 + $25 shipping
(within U.S. only)

This is based on the Slipknot mask. It has a real steel zipper, real aluminum rivets and real stitches. Instead of the painted on rivets and stitches on the cheap copies. This is the real deal. This mask is fitted with a 3 piece leather strap/elastic band. It comes over the top like a hockey mask. More photos to come soon (updated August 1. 2012)


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