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The NEW 2012 Deluxe Plague Doctor mask with mesh lenses.

After working all year with the lenses I finally found a great solution. Galvanized steel mesh. It works great. The wearer of the mask can see in the dark, unlike tinted lenses, and they don't fog up like glass lenses.  When wearing the mask, the screen does a great job of hiding your eyes, while maintaining airflow. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. These will be installed on the Deluxe Plague Doctor mask, with your choice of screws, aluminum rivets, or spikes.  The lens frames are custom C&C fabricated specifically for this mask. Made out of 440 stainless steel, as you would find on a quality knife blade. They stand out nicely.

I am one of the few mask makers left in the world that still hand crafts traditional Plague Doctor masks.  The Plague Doctor is my most popular mask. It's an extremely hard mask to keep in stock due to it's popularity.  I have been working extremely hard to get some made for Halloween 2012. I sold out early last year. I only have so many lens frames, so there will be a limited amount of Deluxe masks. I am adding leather strapping to the regular Plague Doctor (photos to come late August) instead of the 1/4" elastic shown in the photos.

The Plague Doctor is one of my all time favorite masks, and the inspiration for many of my long nosed masks. There's something creepy looking about it, and once you know the historical significance behind it, it's even creepier.

During the period of the Black Death and the Great Plague of London, plague doctors visited victims of the plague to verify whether they have been afflicted or not. They were mostly unqualified. Most qualified doctors had left the city to avoid being afflicted. Their outfit consisted of a hat to show that the man was a doctor, mask to protect the face, crystal "eyes" to "protect" the eyes, the beak stuffed with spices or herbs to "purify" the air that the doctor breathed, wooden stick to push away victims who would get too close to him, leather gloves to protect the hands, gown waxed from the exterior, and full length boots. It was believed at the time that the plague was spread through the air, not through the fleas living on the black rat. Therefore, they stuffed herbs and spices in their "beaks" or carried them somewhere. The waxed clothing may have helped prevent fleas latching on, and the clothing also prevented droplet infection.
It has been questioned how much this costume was actually worn; the greater part of doctors fled the cities in the early stages of the plague.
I have several variations of this mask.  Browse around, and keep checking back for more designs....thanks for looking.

Deluxe Plague Doctor - in stock

Deluxe Plague Doctor - rear view - felt lined for comfort - adjustable elastic

Plague Doctor #2 - front view - in stock

Plague Doctor #2 - top view

Plague Doctor - half faced - side view

Plague Doctor - half faced - back view


Deluxe Plague Doctor - $375 - in stock

The Deluxe Plauge Doctor mask has been a passion of mine for over two years. Constantly searching the isles of Home Depot for parts that would work. I commissioned a very talented aeronautical and medical equipment C&C machinist to fabricate me some custom stainless steel lens frames. I do not install lenses, as they fog up.
Now for 2012 I have found a great steel mesh that work excellent in the lens frames. They look great, don't restict vision, and maintain airflow, keeping you cooler.  I also have added 1" hand-dyed leather strapping with metal rings, which I am riveting to the 3/4" braided elastic. It will have a strap on the top that connects with the side strapping, much like a hockey mask does. The leather strapping is also riveted in. The elastic is fully adjustable with 2 D-rings (like a motorcycle helmet) I couldn't be more pleased with this piece.
Thank you for looking.

Deluxe Plague Doctor - complete with custom made C&C machined lens frames

Plague Doctor #2 - $250 - sold out

Plague Doctor #2 - side view

Plague Doctor #2 - New leather strapping riveted to 3/4" elastic

Plague Doctor - half faced - $100 - in stock